Movie Shootings Hyderabad Metro is Hourly Rate Card

By | January 6, 2018

Movie Shootings Hyderabad Metro is Hourly Rate Card : if you want to do Movie or short film shooting at hyderabad metro you need to pay hour based prices at various stages. please check the below post for more details.

Movie Shootings Hyderabad Metro

Movie Shootings Hyderabad Metro is Hourly Rate Card

Movie Shootings Hyderabad Metro : Hyderabad metro is at it’s high in terms of earnings within no time. Not just with the number of tickets sold to the commuters, but Tollywood too will add to its revenues. Tollywood will soon become another source of the earnings of the Metro rails. We have reported earlier that Tollywood directors found the Metro stations as the best location for the film shoot. Films were shot at the metro way before the inauguration.

Now, the rate card for the shooting is almost finalized by the metro officials. They are taking the Delhi metro’s rate card as a reference as per a TOI report. The fares for different areas of the station would be finalized and announced in a month. If you see the Delhi metro rate card, shoot inside the metro station or inside the train would cost 2 Lakhs per hour. There is about 6 Lakhs per hour to certain sectors of the station.

Recently released ‘Hello’ movie has some scenes in Metro station and Metro train.  Vikram Kumar shot a superb chasing scene in the Metro.

“We are the first unit to successfully shoot at the Metro. Beautiful to see this in Hyderabad. Under the supervision of action composer Bob Brown, we’re shooting a stunning action sequence here” shared Akhil.

– Inside Metro station and inside train – 2 Lakh per hour.

– Maintenance depots & Construction sites – 3 Lakh per hour.

– Metro rai depot/sites – 6 Lakh per hour.

– Metro Stations – 3 Lakh per hour.

– Only train – 5 Lakh per hour.

Interestingly, getting permission for the shoot will not be enough for Metro, unlike other locations.   As Metro is run by private management.. the filmmakers have to shell out money to shoot their films in Metro.  The prices will be depending on the area they use and it will be on an hourly basis.  But still, our makers are not much bothered about the payment as per the talk.

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