🚇 Hyderabad Metro Rail Smart Card Recharge Online, Registration

By | January 6, 2018

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Hyderabad Metro Rail Smart Card

Hyderabad Metro Rail Smart Card Recharge

Online, Registration

Hyderabad Metro Rail Smart Card: The Telangana Government has ready to lunch  Hyderabad Metro Rail On 28th November 2017 and Authorities await PM’s participation to announce payment options.

Hyderabad Metro Rail will be operational from November 28th, 2017. Prime Minister Narendra Modi would inaugurate the prestigious project.

Upon obtaining the Smart Card, The Buyer gets a balance of Rs 100 to travel in the Metro. Each citizen can re-charge up to Rs 2,000 at once. This card is valid for a period of one year.

To Download : Tsavari Andriod App

Hyderabad Metro Rail will have two types of fares : 

  • contactless smart card
  • contactless smart token

The automated system has been specially developed for Metro use. Passengers can top up, recharge the cards and also use valid credit/ debit cards for buying and recharging.

The automated fare collection system will be sensitive to the paid and unpaid areas of the station and the billing cycle will start only once a passenger enters the automated paid gates and exits it.



Hyderabad Metro Rail Smart Card Registration

Those who are not frequent passengers can opt for contactless tokens and also pre-paid options. For contactless smart cards, the fare between two Metro Rail stations will be deducted automatically at the exit gate.

The system has been developed to handle high traffic and will also keep a tab on passengers till they exit the Metro station.

How To Recharge Hyderabad Metro Rail Smart Card

Online through Application

The value can be added to the HMRL Hyderabad Metro Rail Smart Card Online Registration
1) At any Metro Station
2) HMRl Website
3) Top-up using credit/debit card, netbanking. The Mobile One App is available on Google Play, Apple iStore for download.
4)The Bank Account Holders can use Bank ATM, netbanking, mobile banking and SMS for topping up Varshik ticket on both Metro and Combo cards.
The Stored Value resides in the card itself.  The Balance Stored Value on the card can be seen at “Remaining Value Checking Terminal (RVCT)” placed  near the Customer Care at Stations.

You Can Download : Hyderabad Metro Rail App Download 

Saves Time if you travel through the Hyd Metro Rail regularly. By just swiping the card, You can travel in the Metro whenever you want. Even the balance in the Smart Card can be checked using the Metro Card App.

As people lined up at the metro stations to purchase the cards, within two days, the authorities have sold nearly 7,000 smart cards with 2,200 cards sold on the first day itself.

Charged at Rs 200, the Smart Cards will have the initial top-up amount of Rs 100 for travel and Rs 100 as a security deposit. The validity of the card is 365 days with the amount rechargeable up to a maximum of Rs 3,000.

To Download : Tsavari Andriod App

Initially, the trains would run from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m and the timings would be rescheduled to 5:30 a.m. to 11 p.m., depending on the demand.

The minimum fare is fixed at Rs 10 for a distance of up to two km with the maximum fare at Rs 60 for a distance of more than 26 km.

How to Get Hyderabad Metro Smart Card

Till Now no announcement of how to get Hyderabad metro smart card and Recharge details we will inform once officially statement released

Note : Comment and tell about your excitement for Hyderabad Metro Rail.

17 thoughts on “🚇 Hyderabad Metro Rail Smart Card Recharge Online, Registration

  1. Radheshyam

    Dear Sirs
    I am anxiously waiting to board metro along with PM please give me a chance. Now I want to purchase metro card immediately but how?

    1. Narayanarao Paladugu

      Download T savari app, from the app you can buy the card online,you can see the balance & you can recharge.

  2. Dawood

    Dear Metro Team,
    I want check my metro cord balance in online, kindly shear direct link to check balance.

    Thanks & Best regards
    Mr. Dawood

    1. Narayanarao Paladugu

      Use T savari app in Google play store for balance, recharge and many more.

    1. Narayanarao Paladugu

      Card is valid for life time & balance is valid for one year from the date of renewal. We can recharge according to our needs.

    1. Narayanarao Paladugu

      Download there’s T savari app in Google play store and use it for balance, card recharge and many more.

  3. BVG Reddy

    Metro travel is very high security one with pleasent environment ,the fare is a little bit high if it can be reduce for common man to travel

  4. Vandrangi Ramesh

    Please update lb Nagar to Miyapur details in the app. It could have been done before commencement, but even after lapse of one week, lb Nagar to Miyapur rout details yet to be updated.

    Please update fare chart details of lb Nagar to Miyapur rout.

  5. Ravindranath

    Seats marked for senior citizens are occupied by youngsters. Regular announcements made in case of Ladies seats shall be made for senior citizens also. Security shall be advised to see that seniors have priority in getting into lifts


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